Dispute Resolution

Assisting Clients to Collaboratively Work Towards an Acceptable Conclusion


Mediation is an attempt to settle a dispute through the active participation of a third party, the mediator, guiding the parties to points of agreement and facilitates a settlement if possible.


Arbitration in business and commercial settings has been used for many years as a confidential, cost and time effective method for resolving disputes.


Case evaluation can be considered the “ultimate reality check”. Attorneys and parties submit issues, claims or lawsuits to a neutral Case Evaluator.

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“Nedra’s commitment to alternative dispute resolution is apparent through her work as a mediator and commitment to the parties and courts she serves. Her over thirty (30) years in the legal community make her uniquely suited to work effectively with a multitude of personalities and range of legal issues. Nedra goes out of her way to be accommodating and help parties who are feeling overwhelmed by their personal and legal situations. Nedra displays compassion for parties while maintaining her neutrality and professionalism.“


“Nedra is a very competent, skilled and always prepared attorney, advocate, mediator and guardian.  She does a great job making recommendations to help resolve issues and in settling disputes. I would not hesitate to recommend Nedra without reservation.“


“Along with her undeniable talent as a successful mediator, Nedra has always been an absolute joy to work with.“


“Ms. Wick is professional and forthright with both attorneys and pro-se litigants.  I feel her rates are reasonable and she does not continue mediating just for the sake of billing.“



What is Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)?

ADR refers to methods used to settle disputes with neutral third parties. It is “alternative” because it is used instead of litigation. After practicing law for 15 years, in 1999 Ms. Wick began concentrating on ADR. She is highly sought to mediate, arbitrate, and to evaluate cases in many areas of civil law. Additionally she shares her experience and background by training and teaching the skills in companies, organizations, education and other ADR professionals.

Why use Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)?

Filing fees, court costs, depositions, providing documents in discovery, expert witness fees, motions, hearings, and attorney fees are only some of the expected costs of litigation. Using a method such as mediation or arbitration can be tailored to the case to contain costs, time and insure confidentiality. Parties can also budget for the actual costs and any potential settlement.

What is Mediation and how is it different from Arbitration?

Mediation is a structured negotiations process facilitated by an experienced trained professional. While the mediator provides assistance, the parties are the ultimate decision-makers on any settlement.
Arbitration is a mini-trial in front of an experienced trained professional,. Evidence is presented and the arbitrator makes a decision.

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